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Case Studies

Almost all of our work is custom, so to get the best idea on what we could do for your business, just send us a message and let's talk!  The below case studies are some simple examples of work we have done, and can do.

Case Study 1 - Automating Product Research

Screen Shot 2023-01-11 at 7.18.44 PM.png

Our customer has an internal team tasked with understanding how much certain products are selling for online.

The team was manually researching product codes on target, walmart, etc (UPC codes).  Finding this information quickly was critical to beat their competitors.

We came in and automated the entire process of researching UPC codes.

Their team could then have a dashboard where they input a UPC code, and get back a list of prices available from different sites.  We also had a bulk lookup feature.

The client saved tons of time, effort, and enables their team to work on new tasks.


Case Study 2 - A Better CRM

Our customer was unhappy with their current CRM.  The interface was poor, slow, etc.  However for legacy reasons, they had to use it.

We stepped in an set up a custom airtable based CRM to get them on a modern, clean, and fast interface (that already exists!  No need to build a new one from scratch).  We set up this airtable CRM to automatically sync to their existing CRM, so they got the best of both worlds.

The entire project was simple and affordable, and drove many thousands of dollars in value for the customer.

Case Study 3 - Automate retail orders

Every time our customer made a sale, they had to manually create a new spreadsheet, copy customer information, copy production information from a separate database, and send the spreadsheet to the team and customer.

We automated that.  Every time they made a sale in their CRM, a new spreadsheet was automatically created, populated with data from various sources, and shared/delivered to the appropriate people.

Have ideas for your business?

Getting inspired from any of these case studies about what we could do for your business?  Reach out and lets chat!

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