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It's time your business got more software

Stackend Solutions partners with businesses to build internal tools that automate and improve their processes


What We Do

Automations + Integrations

We can take existing manual processes and automate them with software.  Similarly, we can connect various tools together for a simpler and more productive experience.

Everything from automatically workflows to your sales process, to automating your operations, to auto populating your CRM with data from the web.

Internal Tools

We build internal tools to better enable your team.  This could be everything from dashboards to control your entire business, to connecting all your software together, and more.

Pair this with automation, and you could get some serious advantages over your competition.

Can your business can benefit from more software?

Doing things manually?

Wish you could connect multiple tools together?

Looking for a better CRM tailored to your needs?

Want a dashboard to control your business?   Or a dashboard to enable your team?

Want to automate your onboarding flow?  Or any process in your business?

How much time could it save if you could just make things work better?

If any of these questions sound relevant to your business, we should talk!

We specialize in automations, integrations, internal tools, and prototyping.  Anything and everything to better enable your business with software and tooling is what we do.

Let's talk and find out how much money you could be saving.

Why do we partner?

Hourly work sucks.  The work revolves around time, we benefit from billing more hours instead of actually solving the issue.  The focus is not on the product and incentives aren't aligned.

Statements of work suck.  It takes a long time to define a statement of work.  Listing features, what makes them complete, what is "complete", how fast, etc.  Plus they do the one thing you don't want to do in software - They lock you in to a set of features that will likely change.

Partnering makes sense.  Partnering means we need to be constantly aligned.  Working styles may adapt, code adapts, goals adapt, but the incentives stay the same.  This partnership model is reflected in our pricing, and in how we work with you.

Interested to hear more?  We only partner with companies we are confident we can add value to.  Send us a message!

What else do we do?

All things software.  We used to build web and mobile apps from scratch, and still have that capability, but what we focus on now is automating, integrating, and improving business function with software!


If you have any project involving software, reach out!  We'd be happy to connect you with resources you could use to self-help, or perhaps another company that can help better.

If we aren't confident we can add value to your company, we won't work with you.

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